Turning Points Narrative Process

Turning Points is a narrative process that helps people harness the power of story to identify and achieve goals.

Jen Strauss originally piloted The Turning Points Narrative Process with her middle school students to improve their writing skills. Over the past 20 years, the process has been expanded to serve a variety of clients, giving them the tools they can use to better communicate, educate, train, serve, sell, navigate transitions, or establish and execute goals.

Turning Points enlists a sequence of consecutive storytelling and story writing activities that help clients identify, create, and use key stories to achieve specific goals. The process asks participants to use personal experiences to target stories with a universal truth that can be shared verbally, digitally, or in printed text for a variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • Teachers & students of all ages wanting to improve writing skills in personal narrative, memoir and other writing genres.
  • Schools & organizations trying to reduce bullying, promote acceptance, address trauma, and break down barriers to diversity.
  • Organizations wanting to clarify goals, communicate a mission, attract members and donors, or create a productive working environment.
  • Businesses seeking an effective marketing tool, or way to improve internal staff relations.
  • Healthcare Professionals serving patients with memory loss, mental illness, substance abuse, trauma, chronic illness, and grief.
  • Family members interested in sharing, recording, or preserving their stories in a meaningful way.
  • Individuals wishing to write their life story or memoir, better understand life choices, break negative patterns, or make positive life changes.

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