Jen Strauss - Storyteller. Speaker. Narrative Coach.

The human brain is hardwired for story. Narrative is our first language and the common denominator that unites us all. If you want to help people connect, communicate new ideas, envision future outcomes, sell a product, promote a cause, enhance creative thinking or inspire action, Jen Strauss uses story to help you achieve your goals.

Offering Live and Virtual Program options.

“A group of struggling 6th grade students inspired me to see that narrative IS our first and most important language. Now, I help clients use STORY to enrich and transform their lives.”
-Jen Strauss

Storyteller Jen Strauss


Choosing from an extensive and diverse repertoire to offer dynamic & interactive live and virtual storytelling performances for all ages, in all places.

Speaker Jen Strauss


Artfully crafting motivational keynotes, using story to deliver powerful content and inspire action.

Jen Strauss Narrative Coach

Narrative Coach

Offering the Turning Points Process to help educators, organizations, and individuals identify, clarify and achieve goals.

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