Jenifer StraussGreetings and thank you for visiting my website!


Years ago…my students use to say…“Let A Story Be Told…Let A Story Be Heard…Let A Story Be Told Again…” I still say those words before every story that I tell.


I started my career as an environmental educator, and went on to become a classroom teacher, but in all my teaching experiences, I discovered that storytelling connects imagination to education. My student’s could generate, or retain ideas, and write original stories better when I used narrative, or “story” to teach our curriculum.


In 1993 I united my teaching and storytelling skills to create Story Be Told Productions. Now, I present in over 300 speaking engagements a year. I offer energy-injected and interactive performances, workshops, writing residencies, and conference keynotes for all ages and audiences. With all of my programs, my goal is to use story to enrich people’s lives.


I hope we can work together in the future!